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Welcome to Good Hope Township!

Good Hope Township has a population of 7,500 people. You're the new loan officer in town, and the local small-business owners, called microentrepreneurs (MEs), are eager to present their stories to you in the hope of obtaining the loans they need to improve their businesses.

You work for New Horizons Bank, a financial organization committed to promoting local economic development through microfinance. Your aim: Bring positive changes to Good Hope Township and, eventually, the entire region.

The microfinance tools you use will help local MEs establish and/or improve their businesses in a sustainable manner. You'll meet ten different MEs, learn about their businesses, evaluate their loan requests, and decide whether to lend to them. You'll also determine which loan product best fits their needs. Finally, you'll be asked to make decisions about larger events that impact the entire town. And along the way, you'll be challenged with trivia questions about microfinance and Credit Suisse.

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